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People. Purpose. Passion.

For us, it’s about doing what we love in a place we can thrive. We are strengthened by a shared enthusiasm for excellence and commitment to helping each other explore the limits of our potential.

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It takes a varied group of committed professionals to offer the level of service that exemplifies the City of Kent. What opportunity intrigues you?

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Our Hiring Philosophy

Our employees love where they work and it shows. We welcome candidates with diverse skills and experiences. We work actively to eliminate racial and other disparities through inclusive hiring practices that respect the contributions of every candidate.

Besides each candidate’s qualifications, our hiring managers give strong consideration to applicants who demonstrate a commitment to the City’s fundamental values.

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  • Integrity

    × Do the Right Thing We take the initiative to do the right thing, especially when no one is looking.

  • Caring

    × Care to Serve We demonstrate our care and concern for others through superior customer service.

  • Communication

    × Connect to Understand We encourage the expression of ideas and we listen for understanding.

  • Teamwork

    × Do it Together We support and contribute to team decisions and outcomes.

  • Innovation

    × Find a Better Way We encourage the exchange of new and creative ideas, especially when they challenge the status quo.

  • Achievement

    × Be the Difference We set achievable goals and celebrate good ideas, effort and successes of all sizes.

City of Kent Careers

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