Human Resources

As a Human Resources (HR) professional, you know it takes the right people to get the extraordinary done. Here, you have opportunities to develop, implement and support programs that add value to the City and its employees. You believe in fostering a culture of excellence that embraces inclusion and equitable practices; developing and maintaining collaborative partnerships; standardizing and streamlining essential HR processes, procedures, and communication; and enhancing workforce effectiveness at all levels.

Our HR team serves all departments with respect and compassion. As a member of HR, you could work in Administration, Recruitment, Employee Benefits, Labor Relations and Compensation, Risk Management and Training.

If you’re ready to make a difference in our organization, learn more about Chris' story and what opportunities await you.

Chris Hills

"One of the things that struck me when I first got here and has been the case ever since, is how collaborative and respectful employees are of one another. Folks are very willing and able to help, going out of their way to help so that we can come up with a solution."


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