Expired City of Kent Jobs

This job is no longer available. Here are some related jobs.

  • //dy5f5j6i37p1a.cloudfront.net/company/sites/150786/testimonial-img.png Hayley Bonsteel "I get to make the world a better place and have a major impact. The work I do makes a difference." View Economic and Community Development Jobs
  • //dy5f5j6i37p1a.cloudfront.net/company/sites/150786/tyler.png Tyler Busik "The City of Kent has a different culture and it’s still changing. This is an accepting place where you can grow and blossom." View Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Jobs
  • //dy5f5j6i37p1a.cloudfront.net/company/sites/150786/alix.png Alix Lu "The City of Kent is good at helping me grow, develop and move forward. There’s lots of opportunity working here!" View Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Jobs
  • //dy5f5j6i37p1a.cloudfront.net/company/sites/150786/chris.png Chris Hills "We’re all doing the best we can do for the residents of Kent. If we do our best, then the city is better as a result. That’s the spirit that exists for all of us." View Human Resources Jobs
  • //dy5f5j6i37p1a.cloudfront.net/company/sites/150786/diego.png Diego Moreno "I love the challenge, love learning new things, love the schedule, love the benefits, and the friends that I’ve made here. Overall, this is a great place to work." View Police Force Jobs
  • //dy5f5j6i37p1a.cloudfront.net/company/sites/150786/somen.png Somen Palit "We’ve got a good team and I’m loving every minute of working with them." View IT Jobs